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What constitutes a "Defect" in a building?

The dictionary definition of a defect is an imperfection that impairs the worth or utility. It describes a lack of something necessary for completeness, adequacy, or perfection. It may also mean a condition that may damage the structural integrity, construction, or the safety or health of the building's occupants.

What is a “significant” defect?

There is often some confusion when the term significant defect is used to describe a defect. The use of the word "significant" can mean many different things to those involved in the contract. All parties have a different perception of the severity of the defect.

A Building inspector will decide what a defect is

A building inspector will provide a report and outline the substandard conditions but cannot estimate the cost of any rectification.

Defects include:

  • Exterior Defects - water intrusion into the property.
  • Interior Defects - poorly painted surfaces
  • Structural Defects - Bulges, deflections, and other irregularities in the framing, and/or cracks in the foundation.
  • Electrical Defects – hazardous.
  • Plumbing Defects - water leaks.
  • Deferred Maintenance Defects - poorly maintained properties where structural additions and renovations, that were not professionally installed.

Quantity Surveyors are qualified to estimate the cost of any defect and the cost of rectification

Courts generally consider evidence from Quantity Surveyors as the only reliable source for estimating the realistic cost of building defects.

Courts do not put much emphasis, if at all, on estimates prepared by any other party.

Quantity Surveyors are specifically and uniquely trained to accurately estimate all aspects of building costs, including labour outputs together with material and plant and equipment costs.

KUE-S-SERVICES Pty. Ltd. has over 40 years of building experience. We have prepared a number of claims for clients under the instructions of various Solicitors and Barristers since 1984.

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